Russian tunnel of death

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My friend Michael Chepovetsky forwarded me this video link from inside an underground roadway in Russia with this explanation:

The 3150 meter Lefortovo Tunnel in Russia is the longest in-city tunnel in the world. It is nicknamed The Tunnel of Death. See for yourself why. There is a river running over the tunnel and water leaks through in some areas. When the temperature reaches nearly 0°C (as it does during winter in Russia), and the road freezes. The result is the attached video which were taken during a single day with the tunnel's surveillance camera.

Congratulations to the dual-carriage bus driver - imagine the passengers in the back! What a ride! The next time you complain about traffic, remember this video... Russian Engineering!

According to wikipedia, the video is a compilation and not necessarily over a single day. Still.

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Wow - what a great video. I'm looking forward to driving on icy roads again.

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