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I had a GIT problem on GitHub. I had projects in a directory hierarchy like this:

root/src/lang1/project1 root/src/lang1/project2 root/src/lang1/project3 ...

that were in Git locally. Each was a separate Git repository. I then tried to (1) move the source to GitHub and (2) add other projects that were at the same level or higher:

root/src/lang2/project-x root/src/lang3/project-y root/release/... root/docs/... ...

And Git took my intentions the wrong way. Instead of a single hierarchical repository from root/ down, I then had all of the stuff in root/ down except the lang1/ directories were all islands which GitHub thought of as submodules. Except not quite. These projects did not display with subfolders -- they displayed with the submodule icon, but I couldn't get the source from GitHub via them.

The fix was quite easy once I'd contacted tech support at github and exchanged email with Tekkub. He recommended this URL for a description of how to merge a subtree. I ended up with a script like this:

# Put repository at # ../temp/DazUtility/DazUtilitySetup # into subtree at # git remote add -f A ../temp/DazUtility/DazUtilitySetup git merge -s ours --no-commit A/master git read-tree A/master git commit -m "Merge with DazUtilitySetup" git push git remote rm A

Using the ours strategy for the merge did not work with all my projects and I ended up using resolve in one case:

git merge -s resolve --no-commit A/master

One final word: tech support at Github is awesome: fast and knowledgeable with great follow-up.

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