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  1. Contract programming

    Translating VBA to VB.NET for use in a web-distributed Excel product; Access 2007 programming for managing the workflow of telemarketers in a company that re-sold telecomm services until they closed the telemarketing business.

    The first is actually cool, if you do any Windows work. For a start, the state of Excel and .NET integration is locked in 2005. You can't write VB.NET/C# UDFs that are called directly from an Excel cell. You have to expose the functions in a COM server, and the runtime burdens that imposes are annoying. For a start, calling Excel from the COM server is an order of magnitude slower than VBA within Excel, so I ended up re-implementing a lot of Excel functions in VB.NET: statistical functions, portfolio analytics, financial functions, etc.

  2. Meetups and conferences provides a lot of opportunities to network. I go to NYC-Python, django-nyc, NYC .NET, and Alt.NET regularly.

  3. Interviews, job searches

    I had a good interview this week and the company is making very encouraging noises. They've given me a programming assignment to complete this weekend.

  4. Pro bono work

    Django programming for a micro-finance company that uses the Django admin to manage their volunteers.

  5. Travel

    I was at DjangoCon in Portland in September followed by ten days in Spain. I have some family time coming up over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Recent discovery: is great for keeping track of your travel. In particular, it is great for having a single point to track all your airmiles.

  6. Show-and-tell dates

    I've recently concluded that having projects to show is way more important than a resume. No one gets my resume. Taking my laptop to meet friends and for coffee is a fairly productive networking technique.

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Hi Hugh, when I was in NYC I did pro bono work for The Moth. The staff is great to work with, and it's an enjoyable organization. If you're ever wanting to sort out CRM issues, I'm sure they'd love to have your help.

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