Canadian passport photo in New York City

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If you are getting a Canadian passport photo taken in New York City, you should not even think about getting it done anywhere but at Doi Camera. I've gone to lots of Fedex and UPS stores. I've visited the photo counters of pharmacies. Notwithstanding that they all purport to take passport photos, they do not take them to Canadian passport standards. The major failings are:

  • Wrong size

    Canadian passport photos have to be 70mm x 50mm. American passport photos are 2" x 2", and this is not even remotely close.

  • Presence of disqualifying anomalies

    Canadian passport photos have strict rules about the lighting and the absence of shadows and reflections. You are not going to get a good photo at any of these places.

Passport Canada lists 25 separate reasons for rejecting your submitted passport photo, including a catchall category, Other.

Beyond that, most commercial passport photo places in New York cannot do the size and quality, either. I've visited a few. They may even tell you over the phone that they can do the photos but they can't.

Believe me, your best choice is Doi Camera.

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You can create valid passport photos with website.
It uses face detection to set size and position of head.
It is free.
Built-in standards for 63 countries.

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